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About Tim Wander

Author, Journalist, Historic Consultant, Guest Speaker

Tim is always pleased to provide help and support about any aspect of the history of wireless, broadcasting and the Marconi Company. Over 35 years he has amassed a huge photographic and book/document archive and answers his many emails as soon as possible.

Picture of Tim Wander

He regularly provides reviews and advice for academic papers and students, contributes as author or reviewer to numerous journals and has considerable radio, broadcast and TV experience. He continues to work with a number of museums and collections and has designed a wide range of historic displays, information boards and guidebooks.

Raised and educated in Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire, an Honours Degree in Computer Science from Aston University in Birmingham brought him by chance to work at GEC-Marconi Communication Systems’ Writtle site, near Chelmsford in Essex. He spent the first 17 years of his career with various arms of the GEC-Marconi Company worldwide, designing, developing and managing radio, telecommunication and control system projects. Tim left Marconi's in 1999 and spent three more years in senior management within the electronics industry in the City of London. Tim then decided on a career change, finding time to restore a number of classic Jaguar E type cars, he then became a Senior Project Manager for a series of building projects around the world.

Tim has written and edited many other books, including "Marconi on the Isle of Wight", produced for the centenary of the closure of the Alum Bay, Royal Needles Hotel station in 2000. A long held interest in early radio sets inherited from his father and a passion for the early days of radio broadcasting led him to write "2MT Writtle - The Birth of British Broadcasting", first published in 1988. After 22 years the second, completely rewritten and much larger edition was published in October 2010. In 2012 he published the story of the world’s first purpose built wireless factory – "Marconi’s New Street Works 1912-2012. Birthplace of the Wireless Age." In 2013 he also published the completely rewritten story of "Marconi on the Isle of Wight", telling the full story of Marconi’s earliest stations and experiments.

In 2014 "The Marconi Company and Writtle" was published together with Heritage Writtle.

Also in 2014, after 12 years of research and having visited nearly every site he has published "Guglielmo Marconi Building the Wireless Age" - the full and detailed story of the first five years of Marconi's career from 1896 to 1901.

In 2015 as the historian and curator for the Hall Street Museum project in Chelmsford, Tim produced a series of display boards, and a dedicated new book with all proceeds donated to the project - Marconi's Hall Street Works 1898 -1912 - The World's First Wireless Factory. He also gave a series of very well received and full to capacity lectures as part of this program.

Tim has also written a series of papers and pamphlets about early wireless including Marconi in Northern Island, The Hall Street Works, The Marconi Company in WW1 and some specialist papers for Bembridge Fort on the Isle of Wight. Copies of these are available via the website. Others are in preparation.

He has also written several radio plays based on the New Street and Writtle broadcasts and a TV script is in production. More books are planned and you can keep track of Tim’s new and past titles and contact the author via . Tim’s hobbies still include a passion for early Jaguar cars, including a period of historic motor racing and all types of shooting, especially with vintage and historic long arms.

Tim is now a Freelance Author, Lecturer, Consultant and Project Manager based on the Isle of Wight. He has spent a lot of time in the beautiful mountains of Southern Spain with his old dog and even older Jeep but for the last two years he has now been walking the equally beautiful Isle of Wight, documenting and recording the lost sites and technologies of the Islands' industrial and wartime heritage.